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for Churches, Missions, Leaders

An affordable alternative to a website, with a lot of room to grow. We call it - Channels. Channels

Start with a real homepage, posting your articles on a platform that will grow with you into a full fledged Church Communciations Website.

Church Specific Features

Audio & Video Players for your sermons, low fee Church Donations service. Post articles and events and display as any great website would.

Mutli-media Channel

Post audio, video, images and graphics with our online file manager to store content, have it all easily accesible to grow your Ecclesia.

Featured Channels

SEO optimized webpages on a platform that features you prominently, within a community that is looking for you. Get discovered.
Do you need an online presence, but are unsure of commiting to a full fledged website? Click here to talk to us about it

Channels Grow with You.. Channels are part of a larger church communications platform called EcclesiaOS. When you need a full church website solution that you can self-manage, with real website features for church organisations of all sizes, you can upgrade to EcclesiaOS at any time, bringing all your content with you.Visit EcclesiaOS

Always Giving Our Best

Excellent design

Easy to edit page sections that are customizable to your personality, brand or style.

SEO Friendly

Our Channel homepages function as real webpages, with excellent SEO meta access for you to edit as your messaging develops.

Fast to Launch

You can get going in a matter of minutes. Post a few articles, add a few audio sermons, click and edit content sections, add photos and your done.

Fully Responsive

Our design is responsive, so it adjusts perfectly to every screen size.

Free updates

We are constantly upgrading, updating and managing our platforms features and functions, you can benefit, mostly at no extra cost.

Community Focused

Comments, messaging, live messenger, analytics - our homepages are all about growing your congregations.

Ecclesia Channels. Connect Now.

FreeBasic Plan
  • Free Church Channels
  • Free Leader Channels
  • Publish Multi-media Articles
  • SEO Meta Self Management
  • Ecclesia Directory
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Ecclesia Channel

$ 5per month
- 12 months -
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Missions Channel+

$ 5per month
- 12 months -
( Requires Ecclesia Channel )
  • Homepage for Your Mission
  • The Giving Platform | Ecclesia
  • Custom Domain Linked
  • 2 Custom Content Sections
  • Publish Articles / Videos
  • Photo Galleries & Event Sign Up
  • Messaging Capable (like this)
  • Featured in Ecclesia
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Ecclesia Channel & Missons Channel both have available the ability for complete customization of the homepages to your design. We can both design the homepage to your needs as well as take your pre-designs and apply it to the page, the fee for customization will be determined by the design requirement. Please contact us for more details.

Need a full featured website service solution?

EcclesiaOS was built to provide the service and features every church needs, beautifully designed websites that are easy to use with cutting edge web technology. Get your own dedicated EOS Assistant who performs support and servicing 24/7.