The Giving Platform

More than a Donations form. A Form of Participation.

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Secure & Low fee

Our credit card processing fee's are lower than Paypal. If you choose an EcclesiaOS website integration, they are even lower. We also offer the Giver an easy way to pay the fee.

Give Later

Commiting to "Give Later", a giver may receive an automated invoice via email where they can securely set up ACH bank transfers for the lowest fee's available anywhere.

Secured Dashboards

Members dashboard for quick one-time or recurring giving and history. Church dashboard's are automated summaries. Both get end-of-tax-year export and encrypted access.

Giving Messaging

Churches have one place to control communications to giving members. Automated email receipts, reminders, and invoicing makes giving communications seamless.

Our Goal is ZERO Fee recognizes that fee's take away from the effectveness of people's generosity. So our plans are to reduce the fee's to the lowest possible. Not just low fee's, we want to focus on the real opportunity giving provides - showing courtesy and offering seamless administration for everyone involved.
All to make giving easier!

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Giving Features

The Giving Platform

Always Giving Our Best

Standard Form

Lowest Feeper transaction
  • Hosted Form
  • Reduced International Card Fee's
  • Reduced American Express Fee's
  • No Refund Fees
  • Automated Email Reciepts
  • Optional Member Account
  • Predictable 3 Day Rolling Payouts
  • Ecclesia Church or Missions Channel

  • Optional Add-ons
  • Form Embedded in your Website
  • ACH Debit Email Setup
  • Church Dashboard
Sign Up

Integrated Form

No Fee per transaction
  • No Transaction Fee's
  • Connected Directly to Church Bank
  • Custom Branded Messaging, Emails, Invoices
  • Church Dashboard with Member Messaging
  • Fully Configured into EcclesiaOS Website
  • Free Support & Maintenance
  • Fully Configured Member Giving Profiles.
  • After Install, Years of Low Fee Giving
  • Requirements
  • An EcclesiaOS Website
  • An Church or Mission Channel
  • Add on
  • Any Website Integration : Embed or Link
  • [ Integration Fee Based on Requirements ]
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Transactions are processed using Stripe. Stripe charges standard fee's for US based Credit Card processing of 2.9% + 0.30c per transaction. does not charge above Stripe's standard charges for these credit card transactions. For the | Standard Form, does charge a 2% fee for International Credit Cards & Amex & ACH Debit. [Paypal fee's for these are 4.4% + Fixed fee based on country, 3.5% respectively, and does not have ACH as a service. And Paypal's fee's for refunds are 2.9% + transaction fee]. | Integrated Form Fee's for International Cards, Amex, ACH Debit, Refund and per transaction are not included.