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For a congregation that is connected, Ecclesia.Chat upgrades your website to exactly where your congregation needs it.

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When offline, Ecclesia responds automatically to allow visitors to give email addresses for Church Leaders to reply.

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Instant messaging from your website. Talk to your site visitors LIVE whilst they are on your site.
Turn any website into a cutting edge communications channel. Church Leaders have hailed it as an incredible tool for building congregations.

Church Website Platform - completely self hosted. Easy to use drag & drop page builder - create infinite pages yourself. Easy to edit - edit pages by clicking on the page itself. Incredibly easy with Church specific site features.
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Towards One Connected Ecclesia

LiveChat & Webpage

Live Instant Messaging, Online Group Ministry Room are tools to assist in mindful, present and accesible stewardship to a distant and transient community.
Your new ministry will have a landing place on the web and featured in our Leader & Church finder

Self Managed Website

A fully operational self managed website with infinite page creation, easy to use drag&drop webpage builder with click&edit content.
For Leaders graduating from our Ecclesia.Me platform we have a one-lifetime-price for all your website requirements.

Publishing Center

Have absolute control over your dynamic content. With one line of code add or remove your blog anywhere on the web, but keep all your content.
Publish to multiple webpages at once, or pull content from multiple places into your stream, or assign multiple Editors to publish only specific content within your Church. Manage your followers and interact with them through instant messaging, email campaigns or text messaging - it's all here.


Church Members personal, financial data and activity should be secure and managed by the member, not the Church. Thats why we built a portal for congregations.
Here Members control their data, activity, donations and tax reports in a place that they control and have access, even if they relocate.

Never before has a congregation been so connected and their thought leaders so accessible.

We at Ecclesia.Me are truly determined to use technology in a profound way to create a connection between the Leaders and members of Churches in order to build a stronger, closer Ecclesia.

Plans that benefit everyone

Basic access is free for both Church Planters & Members. As both Leaders and members grow in their Ecclesia, they may opt-in and out of features and services at will.Are you a Church with specific needs? Tell us about it


FreeUpgrade your current Church website with the latest technology
  • Instant Access to your Church
  • Build your congregation
  • Build your mailing lists
  • Automated responses
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Multi-PlanFull featured Church Communications Platform
  • Self-Managed
  • Easy to Create & Edit Unl. Pages
  • Packed with Web Features
  • Church Specific Tools
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